Social Skydiving

Welcome to the realm of Social Skydiving: a community that is driven to forge their hearts and spirits in the fire of social pressure and become more confident, cool and courageous people. We seek to constantly define our ideal life and make it a reality. We achieve this through the fun and addicting real life game of Social Skydiving.

Are you ready to take your first jump?

What is Social Skydiving?

What is social skydiving?If your new to this website, I’d recommend reading this article first and acquainting yourself with the game of Social Skydiving.

About Your Author Tony

Tony at Japanese pond

Read my story and find out who I was then, who I am now, and how Social Skydiving changed my life.

How to Begin Social Skydiving

Beginners guide to Social Skydiving title pictureA very simple and easy course for the beginner Social Skydiver.

My Challenges

The My Challenges page contains all the challenges that I recorded myself doing as well as analyzed in written form as well.

Free Social Skydiving Stuff

Free Stuff TitleCheck here free Social Skydiving stuff as I regularly update this page with free stuff as video courses, programs and e-books, as well as my Social Skydiving Newsletter.


A collection of articles pertaining to how to live a kick ass life. Not all articles here are about Social Skydiving per se, but nevertheless they were written under the heavy influence of Social Skydiving and tie into the general philosophy. If Social skydiving is the skeleton, these life enhancing tools and philosophies are the blood and vital organs.

Last but not least, many of you have shown interest in the fact I live in Japan. If your curious to see my thoughts on learning Japanese, check out this guide I put together here.

And last but not least, if your just curious about life in Japan I have a collection of articles for that too!