Challenge #1: Asking Japanese Police to Drive Police Car – Social Skydiving in Japan

Just did my first challenge! Making a fool of myself and waltzing into a Japanese police office and asking to drive their patrol car, which is a preposterous question.

You can read more about this social skydiving/rejection therapy experiment here.

I couldn’t believe how nervous I felt before doing it. I had previously told my close friends that I was doing this mission on this day so that it would help hold me accountable. I actually had to do it twice, due to my camera getting flipped around and not recording it the first time.

But once I did it, it actually wasn’t too bad. I even ended up having a fun conversation with the police officers!

Another thing was that this was probably the first time I’ve ever talked on camera for so long with the intention of uploading it to the internet. I’ve always felt very video camera shy and quite awkward whenever I have to talk on camera (not to mention hearing myself speak Japanese – yikes!). It will be interesting to see how this develops as time goes on and I do more challenges, and record myself more and more.

One cool thing I noticed:

If you notice the difference in my state before and after my first attempt at the challenge, it’s much different. Before attempting the challenge in the beginning of the video, I seem much more stifled and nervous to speak. My voice is a higher pitch and uses a lot of rising intonation.

But after doing the first attempt at around the 2:15 minute mark in the video, I seem much more at ease. A bit lower pitch in my voice and more assertive looking and sounding overall.

This is most likely a temporary state change, but it was still cool to notice the visible changes that happens in one’s attitude after putting themselves in a challenging situation.

I wonder what I’ll be like after an accumulation of these many challenging experiences!

Thats it for now. Stay tuned for my next challenge which will be posted up very shortly! You can check out the official list of challenges here.

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