Challenge #2: Singing Happy Birthday to Myself in Mcdonalds in Japan – Social Skydiving in Japan

News: Because I wanted to enhance my mindset about what I’m wanting to do and achieve with this project, I’ve officially decided to start it “Social Skydiving,” rather than “rejection therapy.”

You can read more about this social skydiving/rejection therapy experiment here.

This was the second challenge  of my social skydiving project. Man, it was much tougher than the first one. This particular challenge held a few different aspects that were particularly challenging to me: public speaking, singing in front of others, and looking like a doofus in public.

I mean, public speaking and singing is enough for someone who isn’t used to doing that sort of thing.

But what weirdo sits by himself in a crowded restaurant, stands up and announces its his own birthday and sings happy birthday in front of everyone to himself?

So for me, there was a big challenging of the fear of judgment. Judgment that everyone would think its weird that am singing happy birthday to myself.

And, I’m sure they did judge, haha. But that’s part of what this project is about: overcoming fear of judgment.

It was really cool to see that mostly everyone was supportive. As soon as I stood up and commanded everyone’s attention, they were all very interested in what I had to say and some even sang and clapped for me!

Furthermore, I’ll bet afterward they all went about their day with an interesting story to tell 🙂

This is an important realization I’m having as I do this project. The results of doing each challenge is unexpected! Not only am I challenging the fear which toughens my attitude, but I’m also becoming pleasantly surprised at what happens when I challenge the fear.

I’m assuming that this translates over to other aspects of life. We often want to do something like learn a new skill, start a new career, or have an awesome dating life… but we are afraid to try because we might expect to fail.

Well doing these challenges for me is beginning to show me that my expectations for what will happen if I try X thing are often not even correct.

Maybe if I challenge those fears more and try for more of what I want in life, I’ll be pleasantly surprised at the result of trying!

Have any of you had an(y) experience(s) like this?

Thats it for now. Stay tuned for my next challenge which will be posted up very shortly!

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