Challenge #4: Asking to Buy a Bite of a Stranger’s Food – Social Skydiving in Japan

You can read more about this social skydiving/rejection therapy experiment here.

Today, I decided to walk up to a stranger and try to purchase a bite of their lunch while they were eating it.

Actually, this challenge was inspired by Regan’s Rejection Therapy in Japan series. Where he attempts to buy a half drunk coffee off of someone in Starbucks (and succeeds!)

I honestly didn’t know that Regan’s channel existed until a friend told me about it recently. It’s really cool to know that someone else was doing something similar here in Japan, and I aspire to do it with as much positivity, enthusiasm, and bravery as he does.

Anyway, the women didn’t let me purchase the bite =P

I really wanted to try out like ten different people in the shopping mall I was in, but I decided to stop after one, as this is a little shopping mall in the countryside of Japan. As much as I want to challenge myself to social fears, I do want to prevent creating a bad reputation if possible.

I definitely distinguish between challenge fears, and creating a bad reputation for no reason.

I’d like to get out to more urban areas like Tokyo in the future so I can really not hold back and go more crazy with these challenges.

As always, let me know of challenges you would like to see me do. Or please post your thoughts, opinions, or criticisms in the comments =)

That’s all for today.

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