Challenge #5: Learn a magic trick and immediately perform on a stranger – Social Skydiving in Japan

You can read more about this social skydiving/rejection therapy experiment here.

This challenge was the most fun I’ve had in doing this project so far. Today, my buddy showed me a quick card trick in Starbucks, and after a few minutes of practicing the trick, I immediately performed it on a stranger.

What was particularly hard about this challenge, was that not only was I approaching a couple of strangers, but I had to remain collected enough to actually remember the trick in order to carry it out smoothly while being nervous.

Not only that, but also delivering the trick in Japanese was a bit nerve-racking, especially because the wording and instruction play a big role in this particular card trick.

Because of the nerves I felt during this trick, was visibly shaking.

But it ended up being a success. I successfully “read” my new friends’ “minds” and was able to determine the selected card. Because of this, I felt super good that I was able to keep it together enough and successfully execute the trick on strangers for the first time.

I had honestly thought there was a good chance of forgetting what to do next during the trick or otherwise messing it up somehow. So it was a nice surprise that I pulled it off.

What went well with this challenge:

・When it was time to perform the challenge I jumped right into talking to the strangers without hesitation.

・I stayed calm and collected.

・I was able to get through the trick without messing it up.

・Because I was there with a few buddies, one helping me film, and the other teaching the magic, I felt supported and was able to push harder than normal. I really believe if you can build it, a supportive social circle of like-minded people is important.

・I gave the girls I performed the magic trick on a unique, entertaining experience and a story to tell their friends.

What I would like to do differently next time:

・I would like to be a little more friendly and enthusiastic. Given the fact I was nervous, it’s understandable that I wasn’t as enthusiastic as I could have been.

・I would also like to try the same challenge out on a couple different audiences of differing age groups. Not only would it help me get comfortable approaching different age groups and demographics with my trick, but it would also give rise to different outcomes like possibly failing the trick (which would also be a good experience).

Part of that problem is due to the logistics of my location. I am in a small rural area, and I don’t want to make to much of a scene by approaching all the people in one day. That being said, I could probably do more than just one. So I gotta find that balance.

I really enjoyed running and filming this challenge today. As much as possible, I really want to do more challenges similar to what I did today. I want to do social challenges that entertain and add value to peoples’ lives as much as possible. That way, everyone wins.

That’s all for today.

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