Challenge #6: Challenge a Stranger to a Pushup Contest

You can read more about this social skydiving/rejection therapy experiment here.

This challenge was kind of special in that as well as being a social skydiving challenge for me, it was a social skydiving challenge for the other party as well as it required their participation.

As saying yes to my invitation to do a pushup contest meant dropping down on the floor in the middle of the shopping mall and doing pushups despite the onlookers of other shoppers.

Essentially, it was a social skydiving challenge for the participant as well as me.

I really liked the idea of this challenge as well as its execution, because it was a fun way to challenge myself socially while perhaps providing value and fun to those involved. It was also a challenge for me to get someone to comply with my request (although I got it first try!).

I really want to keep these challenges fun and interesting and I want to come up with more an more unique ways of doing these social skydiving challenges.

What went well with this challenge:

  • I dived right into the challenge and was able to succeed in getting someone to do a pushup contest with me first try.


  • I was able to be friendly, positive, and enthusiastic in my interactions.


  • Both people involved one participating and the friend enjoyed themselves and left smiling and happy.

What I would like to do differently next time:

  • The biggest frustration I felt in this challenge was my Japanese. I just kept slipping and fumbling for words through the whole interaction. Which is fine. One of the purpose of doing these challenges is to get comfortable using the Japanese I have, not to be perfect. Basically, I want to feel more comfortable stumbling in Japanese so that I feel more relaxed in situations where I must use Japanese. Anyway, next time, if I start stumbling, I want to try to slow down and allow myself time to speak more before I start nervously throwing sentences out there.


  • I would like to do the challenge on a few more people next time, and go for different varieties of people (age, social dynamics [i.e. alone, boyfriend/girlfriend, with peer group, etc.]). I actually wasn’t planning to find someone to take me up on my challenge first try. So after getting the success, I just called it a day and went home, when I could have tried for a few more people and looked for some different reactions.


All and all it was a fun challenge and I’d like to continually do creative and fun challenges like this, in the future.

That’s all for today.

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