Challenge #7: Asking People to Rate My Attractiveness – Social Skydiving in Japan

You can read more about this social skydiving/rejection therapy experiment here.

In today’s challenge, I asked some strangers to rate my attractiveness on a scale from one to ten.

I was inspired by Jia Jiang’s rejection therapy challenge where he did the same thing.

As well as being a challenge for me, this was also partly a social experiment to see how the Japanese people would react. As I had expected, everyone was really nice and gave me a very kind rating, despite suddenly asking such a strange question on the street.

What went well with this challenge:

  • Even though I almost chickened out on doing this challenge, I carried out it out to completion. Basically, I started to rationalize that I would do the challenge “another time” as it was too cold outside. Also I rationalized I didn’t  have enough time to do it. Despite this, I was able to override this feeling and do it anyway. I told myself if I allow myself to not do it today, I would be increasing my tendency to avoid something scary or uncomfortable, rather than doing what I know I need to do. Triumphing over that urge always leaves me feeling good after.


  • I did four separate approaches in this challenge, rather than just doing one as usual. Lately, I’ve been wanting to a) make more interesting videos, b) get a richer experience by doing the same challenge a few times on different types of people, and c) get more experience putting myself in unique social situations in general.


  • It was fun to get a variety of people including a group of dudes and even and elderly man. The elderly man’s reaction was priceless.

What I would like to do differently next time:

  • I was pretty satisfied with the turnout of this challenge. But maybe I could have asked even more people, since the the approaches were quick an easy. I could have set a goal for people from different demographics: a business man, an old lady, a construction worker, etc.


  • I have a feeling this will be a never ending issue to work on with all challenges. But reviewing the video, I was kind of weak in some of my approaches. Weak voice, shy body language, and weak eye contact. I need to work on carrying more enthusiasm and positivity in the way I talk to people.


All and all, I feel it was a solid challenge and I’m excited to do the next.

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