Challenge #9: Ride the Ferris Wheel with a Stranger

It’s a beautiful time for Japan (at least it was a month ago when I shot this video). The cherry blossoms were in full bloom, and there was  awesome night time flower viewing festival at a theme park near my house (check out my Instagram to see what I’m talking about!)

So for today’s challenge, I decided I’d go to that theme park and try to get a stranger(s) to ride the Ferris wheel with me.

Okay, I was really excited about trying this challenge. I really really wanted to succeed. Why? Because I felt challenged by the task of getting a strangers compliance to ride the Ferris wheel with me, yet, it’s a task that I imagined I might be able to succeed at.

There was also one more element to this challenge that made it particularly difficult: the fear of succeeding. Because succeeding and getting someone to ride the Ferris wheel with me means facing the potential risk of an awkward 15 minute ride with a stranger.

Sorry to say, I failed this one =(

Well, I succeeded in actually putting myself outside my comfort-zone and actually trying. But I failed to achieve what I set out to do, and I’m okay with that. I was happy that I actually had something that I wanted to succeed at enough.  Obviously, if we don’t care about a desired outcome so much, then we feel less fear. But If we want to succeed at something bad enough, there will be that extra pressure (fear) to challenge.

I was happy I got the chance to face that fear today.

What went well with this challenge:

  • I Stuck out the fear, besides the awkwardness of the challenge. This challenge felt very awkward. Not only because I felt like a weirdo waltzing up to strangers and asking them to ride the big wheel with me, but because it was a small theme park, so I was paranoid about being noticed by others around me. So I was happy I stuck it out and at least got a handful of approaches in.


  • I had a fun time and enjoyed the beautiful day — enjoying the beauty of the sakura (Japan’s famous cherry blossoms) as well as the atmosphere of the theme park and festival. It reminded me that fun and enjoyment should be apart of every endeavor, no matter how tough that endeavor is.

What I would like to do differently next time:

  • Push harder. I feel like with some of the interactions there was a potential to have them accept my offer, had I had pushed harder. I gave up too easily at one point, when it seemed like there was gonna be a taker, but then they backed out.


  • Act faster. Obviously, the nervousness to talk to strangers sets in, and it becomes harder and harder as time passes. The only way to halt that effect is to jump in and challenge the fear as soon as possible. I felt like with this challenges (and many others) I took along time “preparing” to talk to the first person, and that caused my nervousness to intensify and it took longer to finally get that first approach in.


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