An Unorthodox Guide to Learning Japanese By Yourself

Introduction to the Guide

Have you found yourself wanting to study Japanese but not quite sure how to go about it? Maybe you’re a beginner starting with zero knowledge of Japanese. Or perhaps you are already a fluent speaker of Japanese and want some tips to streamline your studying and become even more native-like.

After being asked continually by my peers about how I study Japanese and what I did to get fluent in the language, I decided to put together a comprehensive guide explaining the method I used and philosophy for getting fluent in Japanese without classes (initially), living in America, working full-time and getting my degree at University (which was non-Japanese related).

This guide is intended to be a frame-work for creating a process for studying Japanese. Really, a “process” is actually just a collection of habits of that eventually lead to being fluent in Japanese. I’d argue that the reason people fail to learn Japanese is they don’t have a solid process to begin with. Or perhaps they find a process that works, but can’t seem to stick to it because their thoughts, actions and beliefs are not alignment with their goals. This guide is meant to help both camps of people.

This guide not only describes the methodology for learning Japanese (or any language), but also addresses the mental/emotional obstacles in studying Japanese and offers some tools to overcome these obstacles. This I feel is really 60% of the challenge of learning Japanese – creating a solid, streamlined process for learning Japanese being the remaining 40%.

Who this guide is for

This guide is meant for anyone who wants to improve their Japanese – beginner, intermediate level, or even advanced people who want to further polish up their Japanese and make it more native-like.

I am forever indebted to Khatzumoto and his awesome blog he wrote All Japanese All the Time because of his approach to language learning, both the technical aspects of the method and the mental/emotional aspect. Because I initially started learning Japanese the methods described on, much of my philosophy and method currently is influenced by AJATT. I therefore will reference it from time to time in this guide.

You can read more about my story here. Happy learning!

Table of Contents

Overview of the Process – Your Bread and Butter of Learning Japanese

Tools for Acquiring Japanese

Before Starting: Mental Preparedness

How to Start

For the Mid-Journey

Advanced tips for smoothing out that Japanese

  • About JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) *Coming soon!*

Resources *Coming soon!*

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