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I once heard that discipline is remembering what you want. This means that if you constantly remember and stay focused on what you want, you will naturally take the steps needed to achieve your goal.

I love all my personal newsletter subscriptions to my favorite blogs because it keeps me on track seeing notifications in my inbox for topics that are important to me.

That’s why I made the Social Skydiving Newsletter as a gentle reminder that pops up in your inbox to keep you focused on taking the proper action to become a socially confident person.

The newsletter includes but is not limited to:
  • Blog updates,
  • Tips for Social Skydiving,
  • Motivation to take the action needed to build confidence,
  • Notifications of free product releases and other upcoming programs,
  • A lifetime supply of hookers and blow,
  • And a way to personally get in touch with me.

My newsletter is a two-way street. I love getting and responding to your emails. Feel free to reply to any of my emails with questions or comments, or just shoot me a message saying hey.

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